All new 2018-19 MRC LID students should attend registration and induction sessions at both partnership institutions (regardless of their primary institution). All students must also attend transferable skills training – this can be at either of the partnership institutions.

Week beginning 24 September 2018 (at LSHTM):
2018-19 LSHTM registration
– 2018-19 MRC LID induction on Monday 24 September 2018 (4.00 – 5.00 pm).
Please meet in the LSHTM library at 3.45 pm.
– 2018-19 Doctoral Transferable Skills Programme (D-TSP) at LSHTM
Further information about registration and D-TSP will be sent by the Registry and Faculty Research Degree Managers over the coming weeks.

Week beginning 1 October 2018 (at SGUL):
2018-19 GSSP Block 1 Timetable (SGUL Induction week)
2018-19 CPF Timetable (SGUL Transferable Skills Programme)
SGUL Map & Registration Details
Further information will be sent from the SGUL Graduate Office over the coming weeks.

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