MRC Studentships Cohort

James Ashall | SGUL
Project: Monoclonal Antibodies for early control of Chikungunya disease outbreaks
Supervisors: Julian Ma & Pascal Drake


Matthew Biggart | SGUL
Project: Proteomic profiling of the lung epithelium to identify targets and treatments for the prevention of diabetes associated lung infection
Supervisors: Emma Baker & Deborah Baines


Egle Butkevičiūtė| LSHTM

Project: Does the BCG vaccine protect infants from severe forms of childhood tuberculosis by trained innate and humoral mechanisms?
Supervisors: Steven Smith & Chrissie Jones



Natasha Clarke | SGUL
Project: Digital discourse as clinical data
Supervisors: Peter Garrard & Thomas Barrick

Find out more about Tash’s experience on our MRC DTP programme.


Faye Cleary | LSHTM
Project: Applying Bayesian models and machine learning algorithms in large datasets of electronic healthcare records to investigate the burden and consequences of progressive kidney disease
Supervisors: Dorothea Nitsch & David Prieto


Paula Gomez Gonzalez | LSHTM
Project: Whole-genome sequence analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to identify the genetic determinants and mechanisms of anti-tuberculosis drug resistance
Supervisors: Taane Clark & Philip Butcher


Catherine Hall | LSHTM
Project: Vaccine development for Clostridium difficile
Supervisors: Lisa Dawson & Brendan Wren


Mark Harrison | LSHTM
Project: The interaction between Clostridium difficile, the intestinal microbiome and disease outcome
Supervisors: Lisa Dawson & Brendan Wren


Mateusz Hasso Agopsowicz | LSHTM
Project: Investigation of variations in immune responses of UK and Ugandan infants following BCG vaccination
Supervisors: Steven Smith & Hazel Dockrell

Find out more about Mat’s experience on our MRC Vaccines programme.


Alisdair Henderson | LSHTM1510922
Project: Spatial transmission of influenza, Zika and dengue fever in the Western Pacific
Supervisors: Adam Kucharski & John Edmunds

Find out more about Ali’s experience on our MRC DTP programme.


Amy Ibrahim | LSHTM
Project: Using whole genome sequence data to develop molecular barcodes to profile Plasmodium malaria parasites
Supervisors: Susana Campino & Taane Clark



Grace Macklin | LSHTM
Project: Development of targeted vaccination strategies during disease elimination
Supervisors: Kathleen O’Reilly & Sebastian Funk


Poppy Mallinson  | LSHTM1400500
Project: Investigating effect of rural-urban migration on cardiovascular health outcomes in Brazil using national routine data
Supervisors: Sanjay Kinra & Laura Rodrigues

Find out more about Poppy’s experience on our MRC DTP programme.


Gurdip Mann | LSHTM
Project: Using In Vivo Imaging to help study the immunology of T. cruzi infection and to test the efficacy of viral vectored vaccines against this parasite
Supervisors: John Kelly & Martin Taylor


James OrJames Orsbournesbourne | LSHTM
Project: Mosquito biting behaviour and malaria transmission: interactions between host preferences and local environmental conditions
Supervisors: Laith Yacob & Tom Walker

Find out more about James’ experience on our MRC DTP programme.


Hannah Painter | LSHTM
Project: Accelerating the development of effective mucosal vaccines for protection against Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Supervisors: Helen Fletcher & Rajko Reljic

Find out more about Hannah’s experience on our MRC DTP programme.


Emma Powell | LSHTM
Project: Can observational data be used to determine drug effectiveness?
Supervisors: Kevin Wing & Ian Douglas



Miguel Pugliese Garcia | | LSHTM
Project: Improving the assessment of implementation strength of health system interventions for evaluation and knowledge transfer purposes
Supervisors: Melisa Martinez-Alvarez & Josephine Borghi


Alexis Robert | LSHTM
Project: Modelling social clustering of susceptibles and its impact on measles elimination
Supervisors: Sebastian Funk & Adam Kacharski


Charlotte Rutter | LSHTM
Project: Multi-level modelling of international variations and time trends in asthma and allergic diseases in children and adults
Supervisors: Neil Pearce & David Strachan


Nathan Simpson | SGUL
Project: Novel drugs against superbugs – preclinical optimizations
Supervisors: Kai Hilpert & Deborah Baines



Lisa Stockdale | LSHTM
Project: Investigation of Immune Correlates and impact of immune activation on Tuberculosis Disease risk
Supervisors: Helen Fletcher & Robert Newton

Find out more about Lisa’s experience on our MRC Vaccines programme.


Abigail Sunderland | SGUL
Project: Risk of sexual transmission of Zika virus infection: a study among sex workers and their clients in an endemic area of coastal Ecuador
Supervisors: Philip Cooper & Tariq Sadiq


John Tazare | LSHTM
Project: Exploring biases in propensity score analyses of electronic health record data
Supervisors: Elizabeth Williamson & Ian Douglas.

Find out more about John’s experience on our MRC DTP programme.


Stanislavs Vasiljevs | SGUL
Project: Investigation of diabetes mellitus induced changes to the respiratory microbiota and its use as a predictor of susceptibility to infection
Supervisors: Deborah Baines & Adam Witney


Helen Wagstaffe | LSHTM
Project: The Role of Natural Killer Cells in Killing Virus Infected Cells after Vaccination
Supervisors: Martin Goodier


Naomi Walker | LSHTM
Project: Modelling interactions between respiratory viruses and immune responses
Supervisors: Rosalind Eggo & Stefan Flasche



Alexander Ward | LSHTM
Project: Investigating parasite persistence and latency in chronic Chagas disease
Supervisors: John Kelly & Martin Taylor.


Chathika Weerasuriya | LSHTM
Project: Mathematical modelling to accelerate development of tuberculosis vaccines
Supervisors: Richard White & Gabriela Gomez



Karolina Witt | SGUL
Project: Enhancing TB vaccine immunity by natural selection of protective CTL epitopes
Supervisors: Rajko Relijc & Helen Fletcher


Lindsey Wu | LSHTM
Project: Design of a Phase III Cluster Randomised Trial to Assess Safety and Efficacy of a Malaria Transmission Blocking Vaccine Submitters
Supervisors: Christopher Drakeley & Immo Kleinschmidt


Karen Zamboni | LSHTM1603470
Project: Process analysis of the Safe Care, Saving Lives initiative to improve neonatal health in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, India
Supervisors: Claudia Hanson & Johanna Schellenberg.

Find out more about Karen’s experience on our MRC DTP programme.


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