2022-23 Potential Projects: Health Data Science

Supervisors Project Title Cross Institutional Supervision Theme/s Keywords
Kaja Abbas &
Kim Mulholland
Health and economic impact modelling of cervical cancer elimination strategies at the global and national levels No Global Health
Health Data Science
Infectious Disease
Human papillomavirus vaccine;
Cervical cancer elimination;
Infectious disease modelling;
Cost-effectiveness analysis
Enny Cruz &
Amber Raja &
Lizzy Brickley
Adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes and child mortality in Brazil: A population linkage study among low-income families No Global Health
Health Data Science
Adverse birth outcomes;
Child mortality;
Sibling Comparison Studies;
Big Data;
Sam Clifford & Stephane Hue & Liz Miller Inferring SARS-CoV-2 transmission and its direction from viral genomics and mathematical inference No Health Data Science
Infectious Disease
SARS-CoV-2; Transmission chain reconstruction; Bayesian statistical inference; Viral genomes; Phylodynamics
Stefan Flasche &
Bhargavi Rao &
Kevin Van Zandvoort
Modelling the effectiveness of antibiotic mass administration in acute humanitarian crises No Global Health
Health Data Science
Infectious Disease
Humanitarian crises;
Antimicrobial resistance;
S pneumonia;
Nick Furnham &
David Allen
Developing machine learning tools to investigate evolutionary trajectories in emerging viral infectious diseases No Health Data Science
Infectious Disease
Molecular virology;
Structural bioinformatics;
Machine learning;
Host-pathogen interactions;
Emerging infections
Antonio Gasparrini &
Ai Milojevic
Novel satellite technologies and machine learning methods for big data environmental health studies No Health Data Science Big data;
Machine learning;
Satellite remote sensing;
Air pollution;
Climate change
Ali Henderson &
Sinead Langan &
Kate Mansfield
Exploring adverse health outcomes in people with eczema using electronic health records No Health Data Science Data science;
Mental illnesses;
Ruth Keogh &
Karla Diaz-Ordaz
Using routinely collected hospital data to investigate the impacts of static and dynamic treatment regimes, with an application to ventilation strategies for COVID-19 patients No Health Data Science Causal inference;
Intensive care;
Hospital data;
Simulation study;
Survival analysis
Sanjay Kinra &
Salina Ahmed
Improving the effectiveness of diabetes self-management education and behavioural support in Thailand, India, and Uganda No Translational and Implementation Research
Health Data Science
Global Health
Diabetes self-management education;
Evaluation of complex interventions;
Behavioural interventions;
Data science;
Interdisciplinary research;
Global health
Sinead Langan &
Rohini Mathur
Lateral impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on non-COVID outcomes and health inequalities in England No Health Data Science Electronic health records;
Statistical Methodology;
Alex Lewin &
Alicja Rudnicka &
Chris Owen
AI methodology for investigating age-related cognitive changes and retinal imaging Yes Health Data Science Big data;
Bayesian modelling;
Machine learning;
Spatial modelling
Poppy Mallinson &
Sanjay Kinra &
Alicja Rudnicka &
Chris Owen
Artificial Intelligence-enabled retinal imaging for improved understanding of cardiometabolic disease progression in south India Yes Global Health
Health Data Science
Retinal vasculature;
Artificial intelligence;
Disease mechanisms;
Cardiometabolic disease;
Julia Moreira Pescarini & Enny Cruz & Lizzy Brickley Targeting persistent health inequalities in infectious diseases in Brazil: An intersectional approach No Global Health
Health Data Science
Infectious Disease
Leprosy; Tuberculosis; HIV; Intersectionality; Health equity; Big data
Joan Morris &
James Carpenter &
Joachim Tan
Developing methods to combine analytic results from small samples Yes Health Data Science Meta-analysis;
R programming;
Health Care Data
Dorothea Nitsch &
Iain Carey
Impact of acute and chronic distress on medication adherence in patients with chronic kidney disease and multimorbidity Yes Health Data Science Distress;
Health outcomes;
Kidney disease
Kath O’Reilly &
Henry Staines
Using Wastewater Based Epidemiology (WBE) to Support Public Health Yes Global Health
Health Data Science
Translational and Implementation Research
Infectious Disease
Data science;
Infectious diseases;
Lucy Pembrey &
Karin van Veldhoven & Neil Pearce
The role of the microbiome and epigenome in asthma phenotypes and asthma severity and control No Quantitative skills
Interdisciplinary skills
Global Health
Health Data Science
Big data;
Christopher Rentsch &
Krishnan Bhaskaran
Evaluating the role of polypharmacy before and after cancer diagnosis using electronic health record data No Health Data Science Pharmacoepidemiology;
Causal Inference;
Real-World Evidence
Anoop Shah &
Sreenivasa Rao Kondapally Seshasai &
Poppy Mallinson &
Sanjay Kinra
Can machine learning applied to cardiac imaging help to understand the pathology of premature heart disease in South Asian populations? Yes Global Health
Health Data Science
Cardiac pathology;
Machine learning;
Disease mechanisms;
Nuria Sanchez Clemente & Julia Moreira Pescarini & Sally Hargreaves Migrant health in children and young people in Europe: An analysis of Europe-wide routine datasets Yes Global Health
Health Data Science
Migrant; Children; Young people; Infectious diseases; Sexual health; Screening
Linda Sharples &
Ruth Keogh &
Kate Walker
Statistical and machine learning methods for prediction and causality in the presence of non-proportional hazards, with application to large databases of transplant patients No Health Data Science Statistics;
Machine learning;
Causal mediation
Cally Tann &
Kirsty Le Doare &
Eric Ohuma &
Joy Lawn
Intrapartum-related neonatal encephalopathy in Africa: Defining burden, risk and outcomes Yes Global Health
Health Data Science
Translational and Implementation Research
Infectious Disease
Neonatal encephalopathy;
Risk score;
Global estimates
Angel Wong &
Yingfen Hsia &
Elizabeth Williamson
Use of novel negative control techniques: an application to cardiovascular and vaccine research Yes Health Data Science Electronic health records;
Negative control;
Cardiovascular safety;
Oral anticoagulants;
Pneumococcal vaccine
Laith Yakob &
Timothy Planche
Modelling Clostridium difficile vaccination strategy for the UK Yes Global Health
Health Data Science
Translational and Implementation Research
Infectious Disease
Mathematical modelling;
Computational biology;
Infectious diseases;
C. difficile

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