2022-23 Potential Projects

Full list of all potential projects available for applicants to select from.

Supervisors Project Title Cross Institutional Supervision Theme/s Keywords
Kaja Abbas & Kim Mulholland Health and economic impact modelling of cervical cancer elimination strategies at the global and national levels No Global Health
Health Data Science
Infectious Disease
Human papillomavirus vaccine;
Cervical cancer elimination;
Infectious disease modelling;
Cost-effectiveness analysis
Thomas Barrick &
Franklyn Howe &
Matt Hall &
Philip Benjamin
Development of clinically specific tissue microstructural biomarkers from quasi-diffusion imaging No Translational and Implementation Research Magnetic Resonance Imaging;
Quantitative Imaging;
Quasi-Diffusion Imaging;
Diffusion Dynamical Modelling;
Tissue Microstructural Modelling
Amiya Bhatia &
Nambusi Kyegombe &
Karen Devries
Intersectionality and violence: How do age, gender, disability, poverty, and their intersections affect violence against young people? No Global Health Social epidemiology;
Violence against children;
Mixed methods research;
Mark Bodman-Smith &
Elisabetta Groppelli &
Javier Salguero Bodes &
Sally Sharpe
An ‘unconventional’ approach to the COVID 19 pandemic: the role of gamma delta T cells in virus recognition No Global Health
Infectious Disease
Non-conventional T cells;
Trained innate immunity;
in vitro investigation of ex vivo pathology
Amaya Bustinduy &
Sanjeev Krishna &
Bonnie Webster
Development, implementation and assessment of isothermal point-of-care molecular diagnostics for both Female Genital Schistosomiasis and Human Papillomavirus Yes Global Health
Translational Implementation Research
Infectious Disease
Christopher Carroll &
Alan Pittman
Development of a transgenic mouse model for preclinical studies of therapeutic testing of mitochondrial disorders No Translational and Implementation Research Omics;
Inherited metabolic disease;
Sam Clifford & Stephane Hue & Liz Miller Inferring SARS-CoV-2 transmission and its direction from viral genomics and mathematical inference No Health Data Science
Infectious Disease
SARS-CoV-2; Transmission chain reconstruction; Bayesian statistical inference; Viral genomes; Phylodynamics
Enny Cruz &
Amber Raja &
Lizzy Brickley
Adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes and child mortality in Brazil: A population linkage study among low-income families No Global Health
Health Data Science
Adverse birth outcomes;
Child mortality;
Sibling Comparison Studies;
Big Data;
Stefan Flasche &
Bhargavi Rao &
Kevin Van Zandvoort
Modelling the effectiveness of antibiotic mass administration in acute humanitarian crises No Global Health
Health Data Science
Infectious Disease
Humanitarian crises;
Antimicrobial resistance;
S pneumonia;
Nick Furnham &
David Allen
Developing machine learning tools to investigate evolutionary trajectories in emerging viral infectious diseases No Health Data Science
Infectious Disease
Molecular virology;
Structural bioinformatics;
Machine learning;
Host-pathogen interactions;
Emerging infections
Antonio Gasparrini &
Ai Milojevic
Novel satellite technologies and machine learning methods for big data environmental health studies No Health Data Science Big data;
Machine learning;
Satellite remote sensing;
Air pollution;
Climate change
Ozan Gundogdu &
Brendan Wren
Campylobacter pathogenesis: Investigating the link between the Unfolded Protein Response and inflammation No Infectious Disease Campylobacter;
Unfolded Protein Response (UPR)
Sally Hargreaves &
Meghna Ranganathan &
Cathy Zimmerman
Estimating the global burden of labour exploitation and its impact on health of migrants: Improving health outcomes and health-system responses to labour exploitation Yes Global Health Labour exploitation;
Health inequalities;
Migrant labour
Ali Henderson &
Sinead Langan &
Kate Mansfield
Exploring adverse health outcomes in people with eczema using electronic health records No Health Data Science Data science;
Mental illnesses;
Rein Houben &
Nicky McCreesh
Impact of inter-community transmission on reductions in tuberculosis incidence achieved through interventions: mathematical modelling No Global Health
Infectious Disease
Social contact;
Mathematical modelling;
South Africa
Franklyn Howe &
Thomas Barrick &
Philip Benjamin
MRI tractomics of glial brain tumours No Translational and Implementation Research Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI);
Brain tumour;
Machine learning;
Quasi-Diffusion Imaging (QDI)
Ruth Keogh &
Karla Diaz-Ordaz
Using routinely collected hospital data to investigate the impacts of static and dynamic treatment regimes, with an application to ventilation strategies for COVID-19 patients No Health Data Science Causal inference;
Intensive care;
Hospital data;
Simulation study;
Survival analysis
Sanjay Kinra &
Salina Ahmed
Improving the effectiveness of diabetes self-management education and behavioural support in Thailand, India, and Uganda No Translational and Implementation Research
Health Data Science
Global Health
Diabetes self-management education;
Evaluation of complex interventions;
Behavioural interventions;
Data science;
Interdisciplinary research;
Global health
Sanjeev Krishna & Qinxue Hu Development and implementation of highly sensitive SARS-CoV-2-specific immunodiagnostics for rapid and high throughput screening No Translational and Implementation Research
Infectious Disease
COVID-19; SARS-CoV-2; Unitope design;
Single domain antibody;
Point-of-care immune diagnostics
Sinead Langan &
Rohini Mathur
Lateral impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on non-COVID outcomes and health inequalities in England No Health Data Science Electronic health records;
Statistical Methodology;
Kirsty Le Doare &
Janet Seeley
Improving informed consent for clinical vaccine trials in pregnant women in Uganda Yes Global Health
Translational and Implementation Research
Clinical trial
Alex Lewin &
Alicja Rudnicka &
Chris Owen
AI methodology for investigating age-related cognitive changes and retinal imaging Yes Health Data Science Big data;
Bayesian modelling;
Machine learning;
Spatial modelling
Jodi Lindsay &
Gwen Knight &
Kat Holt
Transfer and stability of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) genes in Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Yes Global Health
Translational and Implementation Research
Infectious Disease
Antimicrobial resistance;
Molecular biology;
Mathematical modelling
Poppy Mallinson &
Sanjay Kinra &
Alicja Rudnicka &
Chris Owen
Artificial Intelligence-enabled retinal imaging for improved understanding of cardiometabolic disease progression in south India Yes Global Health
Health Data Science
Retinal vasculature;
Artificial intelligence;
Disease mechanisms;
Cardiometabolic disease;
Nicky McCreesh & Richard White Improving model projections of intervention impact through investigating the effects of choices made in the design and analysis of social contact surveys No Global Health
Infectious Disease
Social contact; Mathematical modelling; COVID-19; Airborne transmission
Finn McQuaid &
Gwen Knight
Comparing drug-resistant tuberculosis treatment choices No Global Health
Infectious Disease
Health Economics;
Empiric antibiotic use
Debapriya Mondal & Phil Cooper & Natalia Romero-Sandoval Knowledge and risk perceptions of climate change induced chronic health effects in vulnerable populations of Ecuador No Global Health Climate change; KAP; NCDs; Risk perception
Julia Moreira Pescarini & Enny Cruz & Lizzy Brickley Targeting persistent health inequalities in infectious diseases in Brazil: An intersectional approach No Global Health
Health Data Science
Infectious Disease
Leprosy; Tuberculosis; HIV; Intersectionality; Health equity; Big data
Joan Morris &
James Carpenter &
Joachim Tan
Developing methods to combine analytic results from small samples Yes Health Data Science Meta-analysis;
R programming;
Health Care Data
Dorothea Nitsch &
Iain Carey
Impact of acute and chronic distress on medication adherence in patients with chronic kidney disease and multimorbidity Yes Health Data Science Distress;
Health outcomes;
Kidney disease
Kath O’Reilly &
Henry Staines
Using Wastewater Based Epidemiology (WBE) to Support Public Health Yes Global Health
Health Data Science
Translational and Implementation Research
Infectious Disease
Data science;
Infectious diseases;
Lucy Pembrey &
Karin van Veldhoven & Neil Pearce
The role of the microbiome and epigenome in asthma phenotypes and asthma severity and control No Global Health
Health Data Science
Big data;
Rajko Reljic &
Graham Bothamley
Antibody and aptamer approach to diagnosis of TB based on secreted proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Yes Translational and Implementation Research
Infectious Disease
Latent infection
Christopher Rentsch &
Krishnan Bhaskaran
Evaluating the role of polypharmacy before and after cancer diagnosis using electronic health record data No Health Data Science Pharmacoepidemiology;
Causal Inference;
Real-World Evidence
Nuria Sanchez Clemente & Julia Moreira Pescarini & Sally Hargreaves Migrant health in children and young people in Europe: An analysis of Europe-wide routine datasets Yes Global Health
Health Data Science
Migrant; Children;
Young people; Infectious diseases; Sexual health; Screening
Pauline Scheelbeek &
Rosemary Green & Tony Carr
North South interactions in food system transformations and their relevance for sustainability, population health and resilience No Global Health Sustainable food systems;
International trade;
Climate change;
Water footprints;
“Just” transitions; Resilience
Anoop Shah &
Sreenivasa Rao Kondapally Seshasai &
Poppy Mallinson &
Sanjay Kinra
Can machine learning applied to cardiac imaging help to understand the pathology of premature heart disease in South Asian populations? Yes Global Health
Health Data Science
Cardiac pathology;
Machine learning;
Disease mechanisms;
Sarah Smith & Karen Devries & Godfrey Siu Development of a new measure of violence against children in Uganda No Global Health Psychometrics; Violence; Measurement; Abuse; Children
Linda Sharples &
Ruth Keogh &
Dr Kate Walker
Statistical and machine learning methods for prediction and causality in the presence of non-proportional hazards, with application to large databases of transplant patients No Health Data Science Statistics;
Machine learning;
Causal mediation
Blair Strang &
Steve Goodbourn
Viral evasion of innate immunity: have we misunderstood one of the world’s most widespread viruses? No Infectious Disease Anti-viral immunity;
Human cytomegalovirus;
Elena Sviderskaya &
Yuri Korchev &
Kenneth Laing
A new approach to understanding cancer cell heterogeneity No Translational and Implementation Research Cancer;
Cell biology;
Molecular biology;
Single cell gene expression;
High-resolution microscopy
Cally Tann &
Kirsty Le Doare &
Eric Ohuma &
Joy Lawn
Intrapartum-related neonatal encephalopathy in Africa: Defining burden, risk and outcomes Yes Global Health
Health Data Science
Translational and Implementation Research
Infectious Disease
Neonatal encephalopathy;
Risk score;
Global estimates
Damien Tully &
Deogratius Ssemwanga &
Pontiano Kaleebu
Development of novel approaches for HIV drug resistance detection using nanopore sequencing technology No Global Health
Infectious Disease
Drug resistance;
Public Health;
Molecular epidemiology;
Richard White &
Christinah Mukandavire &
Chathika Weerasuriya
Creating evidence for novel Tuberculosis vaccine introduction and implementation decision making – using math modelling No Global Health
Infectious Diseases
Mathematical modelling;
Angel Wong &
Yingfen Hsia &
Elizabeth Williamson
Use of novel negative control techniques: an application to cardiovascular and vaccine research Yes Health Data Science Electronic health records;
Negative control;
Cardiovascular safety;
Oral anticoagulants;
Pneumococcal vaccine
Laith Yakob &
Timothy Planche
Modelling Clostridium difficile vaccination strategy for the UK Yes Global Health
Health Data Science
Translational and Implementation Research
Infectious Disease
Mathematical modelling;
Computational biology;
Infectious diseases;
C. difficile
Matthew Yeo & Susana Campino Unravelling the genetic basis of ageing and development of interventional approaches through CRISPR-CAS embryonic gene editing in a novel clonally reproducing insect model No Global Health Ageing; Gene editing;
CRISPR; Entomology;
Bioinformatics; Genomics

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