How do I apply?
Please follow the How to Apply steps. We strongly suggest that applicants read the Application Guidance before starting an application.

How do I know if I’m eligible to apply for these studentships?
Studentships are offered within standard research council restrictions. To be eligible for a full studentship applicants must meet the all of the eligibility criteria noted on our eligibility criteria page.

Can non-UK/EU applicants apply for these studentships?
Unfortunately not. We can only accept applications from those with UK/EU nationality.

What qualifications do I need to have to apply?
Our baseline criteria are noted on the eligibility criteria page. However, applicants should note that awards are likely to be made to those who have far exceeded these requirements, as we are looking to recruit the most excellent students.

I am currently registered for a Masters (or have just finished my Masters) and do not have my transcripts or certificate yet, what should I do?
Please ensure that you include your MSc under the Qualifications section of your application. Please upload the certificate/transcripts from your Undergraduate Degree and an interim transcript from your ongoing studies as part of your application.

What projects are available for MRC LID Studentships?
Projects offered by the studentship scheme can be found on the Projects page. Please select from those under the 2020-21 Projects link for the current application round. Projects have been assessed to ensure that they fall within at least one of the MRC LID themes, and will provide students with at least one of the MRC’s skill priorities.

Can I apply for more than one project?
No. Each applicant should only apply for one project.

What documents do I need to submit with my application?
Applicants should submit all of the mandatory documents with their application. Incomplete applications will not be considered for this funding.

When is the closing date for applications?
The deadline is noted on the How to Apply page. We are unable to accept applications received after the deadline.

What scholarships are available through MRC LID?
MRC LID Studentships are available via two potential routes: 1+3 or 3.5 years. The routes are shown for full-time studies. Applications for part-time study may be accepted depending on the nature of the chosen project.
1+3 years – MSc and PhD Programme: 1+3 awards may be made to exceptional candidates requiring a Master’s qualification.  Students will apply for a research project, and enrol on a Master’s programme of direct relevance to the project and MRC LID theme before beginning their research degree.  Examples of suitable Masters programmes for 1+3 route include MSc Medical Statistics (LSHTM), MSc Genomic Medicine (SGUL), or MRes Infection and Immunity (SGUL).
3.5  years – PhD Programme: The 3.5 year PhD programme is for students with relevant Master’s or equivalent training. Students will apply for specific research projects at the outset and will be expected to take four study modules (usually during Year 1 or 2), tailored to their specific background and research needs, to widen and deepen their knowledge and understanding of their field. Each module provides the equivalent of 15 credits and may be delivered part-time over 5 weeks, as an intensive short course (full time for 1-3 weeks) or as an e-learning module. The additional 6 months funding (on top of the standard +3) award will provide students with opportunities to gain new skills to allow them to undertake multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary research, and to undertake a required 3 month placement or internship which is not directly related to their PhD research (ideally in Year 2 or 3).

What support do these scholarships give?
MRC LID uses the MRC Studentship award rates. A full studentship includes full tuition fees; a tax-free stipend at the standard MRC Studentship rate plus London weighting (an additional GBP 2,000.00 pa); a research training and support grant (RTSG) of GBP 5,000.00 pa; and a travel/conference allowance of GBP 300.00 pa.  There is additional funding available – on a competitive basis – for training and placements.

What is the stipend payment for these studentships?
Stipends are paid at the standard MRC Studentship rate plus London weighting (an additional GBP 2,000.00 pa).

Are there additional benefits on this scheme?
There is additional funding available for training and for placements awarded on a competitive basis (for examples of additional funding available for training and placements please see details from our cohort of students).
Students will become part of an MRC cohort, linking all MRC-funded students at St George’s and LSHTM (including students based at MRC units in The Gambia and Uganda), and provide training and networking opportunities.

Can I study for a PhD on a part-time basis on this scheme?
It may be possible to study part-time, depending on the research degree project. If you wish to apply for  part-time studentship please discuss this with your potential supervisor before submitting your application.

Can clinically qualified students apply for these studentships?
Yes, although there is no enhanced/higher stipend for clinically qualified students and clinical training cannot be conducted in parallel with the PhD programme.

Why choose MRC LID instead of another MRC DTP?
Read up about the research environment we offer. The MRC LID scheme requires students to undertake a 3 month placement which not directly linked to their PhD – students who have undertaken their placements have all agreed that it has broadened their skills and perspective, and will be useful in their post-doctoral career.

Can I find out about other students on this scheme, and what they think?
Yes, some of our students have kindly provided information about their research projects, training and placements to provide an overview.

What is the selection process for these studentships?
Please see the information on our post-application page.

When will I find out whether my application has been successful?
All applicants will receive an email with the outcome of their applications. Further details and dates can be found on the application guidance page.

When would I be expected to start my studies if my 2020-21 MRC LID application is successful?
At the start of the academic year. All MRC LID students are expected to attend registration & induction week at LSHTM beginning Monday 21 September 2020, followed by registration at SGUL.

Who do I contact if my question is not answered on the website?
Please contact the MRC LID administration team and we will respond as soon as we are able to.

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