James Ashall (LSHTM)

Project: Immunology, molecular biology & control of flaviviruses (Dengue & Zika)

Supervisors: Martin Hibberd & Julius Hafalla

Find out more about James’ experience on our MRC DTP programme.

Matthew Biggart (SGUL)

Project: Proteomic profiling of the lung epithelium to identify targets and treatments for the prevention of diabetes associated lung infection

Supervisors: Emma Baker Deborah Baines

Find out more about Matthew’s experience on our MRC DTP programme.

Grace Macklin (LSHTM)

Project: Development of targeted vaccination strategies during disease elimination

Supervisors: Kathleen O’Reilly & Sebastian Funk

Naomi Waterlow (LSHTM)

Project: Modelling interactions between respiratory viruses and immune responses

Supervisors: Rosalind Eggo & Stefan Flasche

Find out more about Naomi’s experience on our MRC DTP programme.

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