Potential Projects: Global Health

2023-24 MRC LID Studentships – potential projects under the Global Health theme.

Supervisors Project Title Cross Institutional Supervision Theme/s Keywords
Amiya Bhatia & Daniel Carter & Karen Devries How do childhood contexts affect violence against young people as they grow up? A quantitative, longitudinal and intersectional analysis of cohort data in Uganda. No Global Health; Health Data Science Social epidemiology; violence against children; causal inference; intersectionality; inequality
Amaya Bustinduy & Sanjeev Krishna & Bonnie Webster Development, implementation and assessment of isothermal point-of-care molecular diagnostics for both Female Genital Schistosomiasis and Human Papillomavirus Yes Translational & Implementation Research; Global Health; Infectious Disease Isothermal diagnostics; multiplex, neglected tropical diseases;
schistosomiasis; human papillomavirus
Jon Friedland & Deborah Chong The role of platelet-fibroblast interactions in the pathology of pulmonary tuberculosis No Infectious Disease; Global Health Tuberculosis; Innate immunity; Fibroblasts; Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs); Platelets
Giorgia Gon & Sarah Whitmee & Rosemary Green Social norms for climate change transformation No Global Health Social norms; climate change transformation
Ozan Gundogdu & Brendan Wren Campylobacter pathogenesis: the Unfolded Protein Response (UPR), inflammation and human disease No Infectious Disease; Global Health Campylobacter, Gastroenteritis; inflammation; Unfolded Protein Response (UPR)
Sally Hargreaves & Julia Pescarini & Nuria Sanchez Clemente Migrant health in children and young people in Europe: An analysis of Europe-wide routine datasets Yes Global Health Migrant; children; young people; infectious diseases; sexual health; screening
Gwen Knight & Jodi Lindsay Antimicrobial Resistance Diversity: quantification, evolution, and importance for public health Yes Infectious Disease; Health Data Science; Global Health; Translational & Implementation Research Antimicrobial resistance; mathematical modelling; MRSA; resistance diversity; intervention impact
Julian Ma & Audrey Teh Engineering monoclonal secretory antibodies for mucosal immunotherapy No Infectious Disease; Translational & Implementation Research; Global Health Antibody engineering; mucosal immunotherapy; molecular farming; passive immunisation
Finn McQuaid & Gwen Knight Comparing drug-resistant tuberculosis empirical treatment choices No Infectious Disease; Global Health; Health Data Science Tuberculosis; Drug-resistance; Modelling; Health Economics
Lucy Pembrey & Phil Cooper & Karin Van Veldhoven Defining new asthma phenotypes using high dimensional data Yes Health Data Science; Global Health Big data; Biomarkers; Asthma; Microbiome; Epigenomics
Chrissy Roberts & Amaya Bustinduy Data science platforms for enhanced analytics and monitoring of female genital schistosomiasis and related health impacts No Health Data Science; Infectious Disease; Global Health Machine Learning; Technology; Female Genital Schistosomiasis; Mixed Methods; Programming; Sexual and Reproductive health
Anoop Shah & Poppy Mallinson & Alex Lewin Applying deep learning to cardiac imaging to understand the pathology of premature heart disease in South Asian populations No Health Data Science; Global Health Cardiac pathology; echocardiography; imaging; deep learning; statistics; disease mechanisms; India
Henry Staines & Elisabetta Groppelli Development and evaluation of novel point-of-need cervical cancer screening devices to improve women’s health in low resource settings No Infectious Disease; Global Health Molecular biology; PCR; Diagnostics; Infectious diseases; Cervical cancer
Henry Staines & Kirsty Le Doare & Elisabetta Groppelli Impact of climate change on human health: detection of known and emerging mosquito-transmitted arboviruses in East Africa No Infectious Disease; Global Health Molecular virology; Diagnostic development; Climate change impact on human health

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