Potential Projects: Infectious Disease

2023-24 MRC LID Studentships – potential projects under the Infectious Disease theme.

Applicants should note that this list is incomplete. Additional projects may be added until the end of November 2022.

Supervisors Project Title Cross Institutional Supervision Theme/s Keywords
Helena Carreira & Harriet Forbes & Krishnan Bhaskaran Severe infection outcomes among cancer survivors in the UK No Health Data Science Electronic health records; Cancer; Infections; Outcomes research
Rosalind Eggo & Graham Medley Modelling the disorganised ecology of post-pandemic respiratory viruses No Infectious Disease; Health Data Science Mathematical modelling; Epidemiology; Respiratory viruses; Methodological novelty
Jon Friedland & Deborah Chong The role of platelet-fibroblast interactions in the pathology of pulmonary tuberculosis No Infectious Disease; Global Health Tuberculosis; Innate immunity; Fibroblasts; Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs); Platelets
Ozan Gundogdu & Brendan Wren Campylobacter pathogenesis: the Unfolded Protein Response (UPR), inflammation and human disease No Infectious Disease; Global Health Campylobacter, Gastroenteritis; inflammation; Unfolded Protein Response (UPR)
Gwen Knight & Jodi Lindsay Antimicrobial Resistance Diversity: quantification, evolution, and importance for public health Yes Infectious Disease; Health Data Science; Global Health; Translational & Implementation Research Antimicrobial resistance; mathematical modelling; MRSA; resistance diversity; intervention impact
Julian Ma & Audrey Teh Engineering monoclonal secretory antibodies for mucosal immunotherapy No Infectious Disease; Translational & Implementation Research; Global Health Antibody engineering; mucosal immunotherapy; molecular farming; passive immunisation
Finn McQuaid & Gwen Knight Comparing drug-resistant tuberculosis empirical treatment choices No Infectious Disease; Global Health; Health Data Science Tuberculosis; Drug-resistance; Modelling; Health Economics
Henry Staines & Elisabetta Groppelli Development and evaluation of novel point-of-need cervical cancer screening devices to improve women’s health in low resource settings No Infectious Disease; Global Health Molecular biology; PCR; Diagnostics; Infectious diseases; Cervical cancer
Henry Staines & Kirsty Le Doare & Elisabetta Groppelli Impact of climate change on human health: detection of known and emerging mosquito-transmitted arboviruses in East Africa No Infectious Disease; Global Health Molecular virology; Diagnostic development; Climate change impact on human health
Elizabeth Williamson & Neil Pearce Designing optimal rapid data collection strategies to maximise the utility of routinely collected health data for predicting risk of death from an emerging infectious disease No Health Data Science; Infectious Disease Infectious disease; risk prediction; electronic health records; statistical methodology

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