Potential Projects: Translational and Implementation Research

2023-24 MRC LID Studentships – potential projects under the Translational & Implementation Research theme.

Supervisors Project Title Cross Institutional Supervision Theme/s Keywords
Angeliki Asimaki & Elijah Behr & Mark Specterman Molecular distinction between arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy and Brugada syndrome No Translational and Implementation Research Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Quantitative Imaging, Quasi-Diffusion Imaging, Neuroimaging, Diffusion Dynamical Modelling, Tissue Microstructural Modelling
Thomas Barrick & Matt Hall & Philip Benjamin Development of clinically specific tissue microstructural biomarkers from quasi-diffusion imaging No Translational and Implementation Research Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Quantitative Imaging; Quasi-Diffusion Imaging; Neuroimaging; Diffusion Dynamical Modelling; Tissue Microstructural Modelling
Amaya Bustinduy & Sanjeev Krishna & Bonnie Webster Development, implementation and assessment of isothermal point-of-care molecular diagnostics for both Female Genital Schistosomiasis and Human Papillomavirus Yes Translational & Implementation Research; Global Health; Infectious Disease Isothermal diagnostics; multiplex, neglected tropical diseases;
schistosomiasis; human papillomavirus
Christopher Carroll & Alan Pittman Development of a transgenic mouse model for preclinical studies of therapeutic testing of mitochondrial disorders No Translational & Implementation Research Omics; Metabolism; Inherited metabolic disease; Transgenics
Franklyn Howe & Thomas Barrick & Philip Benjamin MRI tractomics of glial brain tumours No Translational & Implementation Research Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), brain tumour; machine learning; Quasi-Diffusion Imaging (QDI)
Gwen Knight & Jodi Lindsay Antimicrobial Resistance Diversity: quantification, evolution, and importance for public health Yes Infectious Disease; Health Data Science; Global Health; Translational & Implementation Research Antimicrobial resistance; mathematical modelling; MRSA; resistance diversity; intervention impact
Julian Ma & Audrey Teh Engineering monoclonal secretory antibodies for mucosal immunotherapy No Infectious Disease; Translational & Implementation Research; Global Health Antibody engineering; mucosal immunotherapy; molecular farming; passive immunisation
Nidhi Sofat & Anissa Chikh & Joseph Westaby Understanding the mechanisms of pain and tissue damage induced by bone marrow lesions in osteoarthritis No Translational and Implementation Research Pain; Neurobiology; Arthritis; Bone; Cartilage; Signalling
Elena Sviderskaya & Yuri Korchev & Kenneth Laing A new approach to understanding cancer cell heterogeneity No Translational and Implementation Research Cancer; Cell biology; Molecular biology; Single cell gene expression; Nano-biosensors; High-resolution microscopy

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