Studentship Terms & Conditions



– By submitting an application for funding:

  • the applicant is confirming that the information provided on their admissions and scholarships applications, and all supporting documents, is true and accurate.
  • the applicant consents to his/her admissions and funding application documents, including uploaded supporting documents and references, being released to the scholarship panel.
  • the applicant agrees to attending an interview in person should they be short-listed.
  • the applicant commits on a full-time or part-time basis to the training/study under the direction of their supervisor(s). Applicants undertaking study on a part-time basis agree to devoting the full amount of time deemed necessary and appropriate to their research.
  • the applicant agrees to informing the relevant MRC LID institution immediately of any change in information provided in the application form.


– The successful applicant(s) will be sent a funding offer by e-mail.

– To accept the offer of funding the successful applicant must email the MRC LID Administration team: as soon as possible, and by the deadline date stated on the email at the latest, to accept this award. If the School does not receive a response from the award recipient by this date, we will assume the nominated candidate is declining this award. Therefore, we will retract our funding offer and make an offer for the same award to the next reserve candidate.

– This scholarship offer is conditional upon the successful applicant submitting further documentation for admission to their primary institution.
* Awardees primarily based at St George’s, University of London (SGUL) will be advised of any documents required by SGUL.
* Awardees primarily based at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) are required to submit a research study application to LSHTM. The scholarship offer is conditional upon the applicant satisfying all of the conditions stipulated in his/her formal offer of admission letter.

– The following conditions apply where SGUL is an awardee’s primary institution:
* The maximum period of registration for a full-time PhD student is 48 months, comprising 36 months registration, with a further 12 months ‘writing up’. Progression into a fourth ‘writing up’ year is not automatic and is conditional on satisfactory academic progress. Students are expected to have completed their degree (including examination) within the 48 months.
* Students will be expected to register for the degree of MPhil in the first instance and, subject to satisfactory academic progress, to transfer to PhD status after one year of study.
* Students accept SGUL’s General Terms and Conditions for all students. Acceptance of the studentship will be construed as acceptance of the detailed terms as set out in that document.

– The award recipient must complete the separate UK bank account details form and return this to as soon as possible, and within 2 weeks of initial LSHTM registration day at the latest, to ensure that stipend payments can be made in a timely manner.


– Accepting this award constitutes a legal signature that the award recipient acknowledges and agrees to the declarations, and terms and conditions set out in this document.

– MRC LID expects students to adhere to the behavioural guidelines and regulations of their primary institution and – where applicable/appropriate – of the secondary institution. By accepting an award students confirm that they accept and will adhere to these. Funded students who do not do so may be at risk of losing their funding. For further information on these guidelines and regulations, please read through the following:

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
General Regulations for Students
Research Degree Regulations
Research Degree Handbook

George’s University of London
General Regulations for Students and Programmes of Study

– This funding is subject to compliance with all terms and conditions set out in the MRC LID Studentship Handbook and the guidance outlined in MRC Studentships Guidance. By applying to this studentship, the applicant has read and agreed to abide by these conditions.

– The award recipient must inform the MRC LID Administration team (via ) and their primary institution immediately of any changes to his/her personal circumstances during the period of support which could affect the award.

– Funded students must maintain satisfactory academic progress at their primary institution and a good standing towards degree requirements for the duration of their enrolment.

– The award recipient must inform the MRC LID Administration team of any changes to the research, as outlined in their Je-S student abstract, so the necessary amendments can be made on the Research Councils UK database.

– The award recipient must respond promptly to any requests for information from the Medical Research Council or either MRC LID partner institution.

– Students on 3.5 year awards are required to undertake a 3 month placement not related directly to their research studies. Ideally, the placement should be outside of their primary institution. By accepting this offer students agree to engage with the process of arranging your placement.

– All MRC-funded students at either institution may apply for additional funding towards their research, training and travel costs. Details about the application process for this competitive fund can be found in the MRC LID Studentship Handbook.

– Funds paid to the award recipient once the award has been terminated, or paid in error, or inappropriately, will be reclaimed. The award recipient must understand that the giving of any false information or withholding of relevant information may lead to the termination of any allowance granted and the institution of proceedings for the recovery of any amounts paid by the MRC.

– The award recipient must submit their thesis no later than the expected submission date set by their primary institution or the MRC maximum expected submission date, whichever of the two comes first.

– Award recipients agree to writing a 250-word student profile for use in institution publications and on the MRC LID and/or partner institutions’ websites. They also give consent to the MRC LID and partnership institutions to announce their name and funding award and to use photographic images of the award recipient/s in their publications and on the websites.

– By accepting an award students are aware that they authorizing

  • MRC LID to disclose to the MRC any information that the MRC and RCUK requests regarding the progress of their studies, the submission of their thesis, and the completion of their studies.
  • MRC LID to disclose student contact details to MRC and RCUK. The MRC and RCUK will use this to correspond with students (this is likely to be about funded courses or to ask for views about funded postgraduate training or to invite students to events or conferences that RCUK fund).
  • MRC LID to provide data on equality and diversity to MRC and RCUK to help them assess how effective policies and procedures are in eliminating unlawful discrimination and promoting equal opportunities. This information may be used anonymously for statistical purposes. It will be treated in confidence and in line with the Councils’ data protection procedures.
  • MRC LID to provide any such information requested on the MRC’s behalf to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) or any other organization or agency empowered to act on the MRC’s behalf or on behalf of RCUK, including UK Shared Business Services (SBS) Ltd.
  • MRC, or a third party on behalf of MRC or RCUK, to contact a studentship holder beyond the life of their studentship for evaluation purposes.

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