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This section of the website is for students currently registered at LSHTM and SGUL who have been awarded MRC LID Studentship funding, or other MRC studentships or fellowships.

It covers

  • Studentship Handbooks, T&Cs, and Useful Links
  • Funding
    • Fees & Stipends
    • RTSGs & Claiming Expenses
    • Flexible Funding
  • MRC LID Forms
  • Cohort Information
    • Training
    • Social
    • Student Reps
    • Congratulations!
  • MRC LID Inductions for new students

If your questions aren’t answered in this information please contact the MRC LID Manager via the MRC LID mailbox: (this should be the email address used through the duration of your studentship). 

Handbooks, Terms & Conditions and Useful Links


For students whose award started before September 2022 (2016-17 to 2020-21)


For students whose MRC LID award started Sep 2022 onwards.

EVERYONE (applicable to all MRC LID awardees)


Fees & Stipend

Please see latest Induction recordings (at the bottom of this page) for more information.

RTSGs & Claiming Expenses

Please see the latest Induction recordings (at the bottom of this page) for more information.

If you are based at LSHTM please follow Non-staff Expenses claim procedure (unless you are advised otherwise by the person who looks after your RTSG and travel/conference allowances).

If you are based at SGUL: Payroll looks after payments to staff and students. If you submit a Staff Expenses claim it will only be paid in the next month’s pay run. (So don’t go down this route!) The alternative is a Non-Staff Expenses Form. These are processed and paid on a weekly basis (so depending on when you submit the claim – and assuming it’s complete/correct – ideally the most you should have to wait for payment to show in your bank account is 1-2 weeks). Here’s the Non-Staff Expenses Form procedure:
1. Complete the attached Non-Staff Expenses form, which is available on the SGUL Expenses page. Make sure you have also completed the second tab (inputting your bank details) at either this stage or after your supervisor has signed the form (especially if you’re sharing it by email).
2. Get the form authorised by one of the signatories for your RTSG subproject (we assume this will be your supervisor).
3. Forward the completed form, together with any receipts and proof of expenditure to support the claim, to (or put it in a secure folder and the share the link with them via the email address).

Flexible Funding

All students registered at either partnership instititution with MRC funding (either MRC LID Studentships, or other MRC Studentships or Fellowships) may apply for MRC LID Flexible Funding.
The MRC LID studentship handbook provides information and guidance. Please also read through the separate Flexible Funding page before submitting an application to the DTP.


These forms are only for current MRC Cohort students.

1. MRC LID Placement Form
This form should be completed by all students before undertaking their compulsory MRC LID placement, regardless of whether or not additional funds are applied for.

2. MRC Flexible Funding Application Form
This form should be used to apply for additional funding from our flexible supplement.

3. MRC DTP Flexible Funding Expense Form & Breakdown
This form should be submitted this (along with all receipts) to the Scholarships team by every student in receipt of flexible funding on their return.

4. MRC Studentship Feedback Form
This form should be completed by students on return from training, placements, fieldwork, visits – it provides us with more detailed information for reporting purposes.

Cohort Information

MRC LID Cohort Training and social events

As part of the MRC cohort you will be invited to take part in cohort and training activities and events, alongside those arranged for RD students by each partner institution.

The MRC LID Board will arrange two training opportunities per year (these may be any of the following: away day, conference, cohort site visit, retreat). The MRC LID Board expects that students will attend these. Additional training may be offered on an ad hoc basis (as need demands).

Ideally, students will arrange at least one cohort social per term.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for other training and/or events please discuss these with your fellow cohort members and your student representatives.

Student Cohort Reps

More information about MRC LID’s student reps can be found on our Student Reps page.

Cohort Congratulations

Congratulations to:

Jake Wildfire, Alastair Clements, and Naomi Waterlow, Vivli Wellcome Trust AMR Surveillance Open Data Re-Use Data Challenge Innovator Award Runners-up

Alicia Showering, recipient of a 2022-23 UKRI Young Innovators Award

Emily Woodcock, 2022 Max Perutz Science Writing Award Runner-up

Oliver Hines selected for the `Young Statistician Showcase’ at the 2022 International Biometrics Conference

Emma Collins, Rhodri Edwards, Alicia Showering, and Stas Vasiljevs, for winning the the “best financial planning strategy” prize sponsored by James Cowper Kreston as part of the YES20 competition

Quentin Leclerc, one of the team who won the 2018 Wellcome Data Re-use Prize for AMR surveillance challenge first prize

Tash Clarke, 2018 Max Perutz Science Writing Award Winner

MRC LID Induction for new students

All new MRC LID students should attend registration and induction sessions at both partnership institutions (regardless of their primary institution). All students must also attend approporiate transferable skills training – this is likely to be at the student’s primary institution, but can be at either of the partnership institutions.

Registration for study

Week beginning 25 September 2023 (at LSHTM)

LSHTM registration
– MRC LID Cohort Induction will be on Monday 25 September 2023, 16.00-17.00. New students and their supervisors have been sent invitations to attend via Zoom.
All students are expected to attend. (We’d love to see supervisors too, if they are able to attend.)
– The Doctoral Transferable Skills Programme (D-TSP) at LSHTM will be shared with Research Degree students as part of Induction week.
Further information about registration and D-TSP will be sent by the Registry and Faculty Research Degree Managers.

Week beginning 2 October 2023 (at SGUL)

– Registration info has been sent out by email. Please aim to be present at SGUL for the RD Students Welcome on Wednesday 4 October 2023.
– Transferable skills training will take place during SGUL Induction week 
Details will be sent to you by email by the SGUL Graduate Office. For further information please contact Derilyn directly.
SGUL Map & Registration Details

Induction Recordings

2023-24 (starting Sept 2023 or Jan 2024)
2022-23 (starting Sept 2022)

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