Lisa Stockdale

Project Title: Investigation of Immune Correlates and impact of immune activation on Tuberculosis Disease risk

What were you doing before you joined the MRC DTP scheme?

Working at Jenner Institute, Oxford as a research assistant in tuberculosis vaccine clinical trials.

Why did you choose your primary institution (LSHTM or SGUL)?

For my supervisor.

What do you enjoy most about your day-to-day work and the people you work with?

The array of lectures from a wide range of subjects at LSHTM. The friendly and collaborative atmosphere.

What do you value most about the MRC DTP studentship?

The flexible funding allowing me to access training courses and increase the breadth of my knowledge.

What additional training have you attended with MRC DTP money?

  1. Training with Aeras to learn a new laboratory technique (Washington DC, 2015)
  2. PHE Short course on epidemiology on infectious diseases (PHE, Colindale, London, 2016)
  3. Union conference attendance (TB conference in Mexico, 2017)

Where did you go on your placement? What did you do?

I am on my placement at the moment! I am working with the Global Health Department at the University of Washington (Seattle) on a Gates Foundation project. The project is a systematic review of invasive non-typhoidal salmonella infection in HIV-infected individuals in low and middle income countries. The aim is to understand the burden of disease in this population with a view to determining the usefulness of a vaccine. 

Do you have any tips for future MRC DTP scholarship applicants?

Take advantage of all the opportunities! Not only is the funding for training an incredible resource, the other people in the cohort are an amazing network and source of information. There are many aspects you can get involved in, from helping to organise social events for DTP students, to being a student representative and helping the programme to be even better.

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