Meet the Board

Academic DTP Leads
Professor Neil Pearce – MRC LID PI and Board Chair, LSHTM
Dr Carwyn HooperMRC LID Board Co-Chair, SGUL

Institutional Representatives
Professor Suzanne Filteau – on behalf of the Pro-Director of Teaching & Learning (LSHTM)
Dr Carwyn Hooper – Head of the Graduate School, SGUL

Theme Leads
Global Health

Professor Phil Cooper (SGUL) and Professor Moffat Nyirenda (MRC Uganda, LSHTM)
Health Data Science
Professor Julia Critchley (SGUL) and Professor Elizabeth Williamson (LSHTM)
Translational & Implementation Research
Professor Julian Ma (SGUL) and Professor Martin McKee/Dr Adrianna Murphy (LSHTM)
Infectious Disease
Professor John Edmunds (LSHTM) and Professor Jodi Lindsay (SGUL)

Non-Theme Leads
Professor Rachel Allen (SGUL), Dr Alexis Bailey (SGUL), Steve Cummins (LSHTM), Dr Ian Douglas (LSHTM), Cally Roper (LSHTM)

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Leads
Dr Lizzy Brickley (LSHTM) and Dr Vanessa Ho (SGUL)

Student Representatives
Eve Doran (LSHTM), Alicia Showering (LSHTM), and Ella Whittle (SGUL)

Administrative DTP Leads
Lara Crawford (LSHTM) and Derilyn Frusher (SGUL)


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