Stanislavs Vasiljevs

Project: Investigation of diabetes mellitus induced changes to the respiratory microbiota and its use as a predictor of susceptibility to infection.

What were you doing before you joined the MRC DTP scheme?

I have completed my MSci in Biomedical Science

Why did you choose your primary institution (LSHTM or SGUL)?

I have done my undergraduate degree in SGUL so I was familiar with the research environment.

What do you enjoy most about your day-to-day work and the people you work with?

I think its extremely important to join a friendly lab group – on my day-to-day basis the social interactions with friends that I have made through this research project is what I enjoy the most.

What do you value most about the MRC DTP studentship?

Biggest benefit on MRC DTP for me was the amount of connections it provides – whatever you research issue is you will always be able to find help.

What additional training have you attended with MRC DTP money?

I have attended a number of courses on programming using different languages useful in computational statistics as well as researched a Personal Home Office Licence that allows me to work with rodents for my research.

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