Studentship Options

MRC LID offers studentship awards via either of these routes

  • 1+4 (Masters + PhD)
  • +4 (PhD)

and accommodates different modes of study

  • Full-time (100% – approx 40 hours per week)
  • Part-time (50% – approx 20 hours per week)

Notes and further information


  1. 1+4 years – MSc and PhD Programme
    1+4 awards may be made to applicants showing potential, who require a Master’s qualification.  Students will apply for a research project, and undertake a Master’s programme before beginning their research degree. The Master’s programme will be based at either of the partner institutions (LSHTM or SGUL). Usually, the Master’s programme offered will be of direct relevance to the research project and MRC LID themes.
  2. +4 – PhD Programme
    The 4 year PhD programme is for students with relevant Master’s or equivalent training. Students will apply for specific research projects at the outset and will be expected to take four study modules (usually during Year 1 or 2), to widen and deepen their knowledge and understanding of their field. Each module provides the equivalent of 15 credits and may be delivered part-time over 5 weeks, as an intensive short course (full time for 1-3 weeks) or as an e-learning module. Students will also have opportunities to gain new skills to allow them to undertake multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary research, and are required to undertake a required 3 month placement or internship which is not directly related to their PhD research (ideally in Year 2 or 3), as part of this programme.

The routes are shown at the full-time equivalent (FTE).


Full-time study is the equivalent to a full-time job (approx 40 hours per week).
Part-time study should be assumed to be approximately 50% of full-time study.
Applications for part-time study may be accepted depending on the nature of the chosen project.

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