All research training projects funded through this Doctoral Training programme address one or more of the MRC’s skill priorities and lie within one of the DTP’s research themes.

MRC Strategic Skills Priorities

Our Doctoral Training programme is designed to meet MRC’s skill priorities by providing training in
– quantitative skills,
– interdisciplinary skills and
– whole organism physiology
whilst also delivering world-class research of immediate relevance to MRC’s “Research Changes Lives” strategic plan.
MRC LID requires all students, whatever their discipline, to enhance their quantitative skills and to embrace multidisciplinary working.

MRC LID Research Themes

All MRC LID studentship projects fall under at least one of the DTP’s themes.

Integrating the themes
We actively encourage project proposals that cross these inter-related themes. For example, design and analysis of cluster randomised vaccine trials; complex interventions for controlling AMR; ‘omics and bioinformatics approaches to vaccine and drug design; developing inter-disciplinary methodologies for causal inference in, and economic evaluation of, natural experiments.

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