MRC LID is offering 56 distinct potential projects for the 2020-21 application round, grouped by theme below:

Projects that have been identified for potential iCASE awards across all themes are available via the MRC LID information for Potential MRC LID iCASE Studentships.


Each potential project addresses at least one of the three overarching themes of the DTP and provides training in at least one of the MRC’s core skills areas. Available potential projects have been grouped by MRC LID themes. Projects may be advertised under more than one theme (as applicable).

We would encourage applicants to spend some time reviewing the options available. For further information about the project, links to the supervisors, and additional eligibility criteria and prerequisite academic and/or skills requirements, please click on the title of the project in the relevant theme table.

Applicants are permitted to apply for one project from the lists of potential projects.

Each project is supervised by a minimum of two academics.

Where projects are are co-supervised across the DTP (i.e. have a supervisor at each institution) students would be primarily registered with the first named institution.

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