MRC LID Cohort 1

Natasha Clarke (SGUL)

Project: Digital discourse as clinical data
Supervisors: Peter Garrard & Thomas Barrick

Find out more about Tash’s experience on our MRC DTP programme.

Alasdair Henderson (LSHTM)

Project: Spatial transmission of influenza, Zika and dengue fever in the Western Pacific
Supervisors: Adam Kucharski & John Edmunds

Find out more about Ali’s experience on our MRC DTP programme.

Poppy Mallinson (LSHTM)

Project: Investigating effect of rural-urban migration on cardiovascular health outcomes in Brazil using national routine data
Supervisors: Sanjay Kinra & Laura Rodrigues

Find out more about Poppy’s experience on our MRC DTP programme.

James Orsbourne (LSHTM)

Project: Mosquito biting behaviour and malaria transmission: interactions between host preferences and local environmental conditions
Supervisors: Laith Yacob & Tom Walker

Find out more about James’ experience on our MRC DTP programme.

Hannah Painter (LSHTM)

Project: Accelerating the development of effective mucosal vaccines for protection against Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Supervisors: Helen Fletcher & Rajko Reljic

Find out more about Hannah’s experience on our MRC DTP programme.

Charlotte Rutter (LSHTM)

Project: Multi-level modelling of international variations and time trends in asthma and allergic diseases in children and adults
Supervisors: Neil PearceDavid Strachan & Richard Silverwood

Find out more about Charlotte’s experience on our MRC DTP programme.

John Tazare (LSHTM)

Project: Exploring biases in propensity score analyses of electronic health record data
Supervisors: Elizabeth Williamson & Ian Douglas

Find out more about John’s experience on our MRC DTP programme.

Alexander Ward (LSHTM)

Project: Investigating parasite persistence and latency in chronic Chagas disease
Supervisors: John Kelly & Martin Taylor

Karen Zamboni (LSHTM)

Project: Process analysis of the Safe Care, Saving Lives initiative to improve neonatal health in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, India

Supervisors: Claudia Hanson & Johanna Schellenberg

Find out more about Karen’s experience on our MRC DTP programme.

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